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The present sale general conditions have for purpose to manage the relationship between:

hello-kitty-market.com limited company located :  64 Doray Rd 10300 Bangkok Thailand.

Hereinafter called “the Seller” on one part and the internet user accessing to hello-kitty-market.com shop online that agreed on these general conditions. Access to the web site is free. A single profile creation is necessary for the first order.


The products for sale are described in our catalogue and we try to present all characteristics by pictures and with a description elaborated from information provided by the manufacturer. Our articles are proposed in the limit of our available stock. In the case of selling out before the sale is complete, we will try to take off the product of our catalogue, in all cases only our buying confirmation, guarantees the availability and the delivery of the product(s) under the following conditions:


Each order will be answered by a confirmation mail called “order in process” listing the ordered products, amount, size and price. Another confirmation mail called “order approved” will be sent as soon as the order will be processed, finally a last mail called “order shipped” will be sent as soon as the parcel will be shipped. Each of these confirmation mails will list the order itself and the actual general sale conditions. All mails will be sent to the email address that was used for the order set up.


All prices are all inclusive and we will not bill any extra taxes.

The minimum amount required for an order is 50 USD, Free shipping worldwide


Payments to be done by Credit card or Wire Bank Transfer.

The fee due is indicated on the web site at the end of the order process.

The customer indicates his address by creating his profile, validates his basket and the total price. Finally, he confirms his order by clicking on the “validate” button.

The sale is then confirmed and a confirmation mail sent by our company validates the sale.

Extra expenses due to the transfer are at the customer cost. The customer must transfer the total amount as shown on the bottom of the purchase order. The order will be processed in the following 24 hours after payment reception.

All payment not matching the amount shown on the purchase order will be answered by an information mail on purpose to process to alert the customer of the need to establish an extra payment to match the original amount. In case of no reply under 15 days, the order will be canceled. No order will be shipped until the total payment will be received.


Delivery is established by EMS CHRONOPOST. The customers will receive a tracking number and will be able to follow the parcel by connecting on the site www.chronopost.com

All prices include VAT+ Free Delivery WorldWide

The price you see is the price you pay ..
The customer has to take care to provide the shipping address, the preferential hours of delivery and to provide a valid telephone number when the order is processed.

Any imprecise address will immediately exempt hello-kitty-market.com Ltd and the shipping agent from any responsibilities in case of non delivery conditions.

Delivery is guaranteed in a delay of 6 days for Europe, America, Canada,  South Africa and Japan. In case of major problem, stopping partially or completely the delivery in the normal delay, it is automatically extended to delay in relationship to the major problem itself.

We remind that strike conditions, road, rail or air obstructions, whatever the cause is, are called Major Problems. Weather conditions are also included in the major problem conditions.


The customer has the right to return at his own expenses an order in the express condition that the parcel was not opened or if opened by mistake, the products have to be still in their original packaging and had not been used at all. The customer has 7 days to return a parcel from the reception date. In case the expiration date is a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, the expiration date is extended to the next working day 12 am.

The revocation has to be done with a post mail to the following address:

hello-kitty-market Ltd,.
64 Doray Rd

COD return will be denied.

All goods returned in the above conditions will be reimbursed in a delay of 10 days from our reception date and after the goods condition will be controlled.

You will be informed by mail:

Reception of your revocation demand

Return and control of your parcel

Date and mode of Reimburse


In the case the delivered product does not correspond to the good you have bought, hello-kitty-market.comwill facilitate the return conditions with the return file that you will find on our web site. You will just need to describe the non-conformity of the product and to return it at your own expenses in a delay of 7 days. Goods need to be return in their original packaging, in perfect condition and labels must in any cases have been taken off. Goods need to have been not wear or washed, or labels and packaging have been damaged. In that case return and Refund will be denied.

If the good initially ordered was not available anymore or if it is defective, you should ask for its replacement or an equivalent good, or a voucher or Refund.

In every case, the responsibility of hello-kitty-market.com will not exceed the value of the good bought and no indemnities would be claimed.


In the case of an eventual good return respecting the above conditions in the articles 9 and 10, three possibilities are offered to customers


When a customer returns a good, he can chose for the option to get a voucher. This voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of its elaboration. It allows the customer to buy at any moment in the time delay mentioned above a new good on the web site and to subtract the amount of the voucher from its cost.


The exchange process allows the customer to return the unwanted good and to exchange this one with any other good on sale on the web site. In the case of an exchange with a good whose the price is superior to the good returned, the customer will have to adjust the price balance in the best delay of time on purpose that we can process his order and ship a new parcel. On another hand, if the returned good is more expensive than the chosen good, a voucher will be automatically established to the advantage of the customer in the same conditions listed above.

In the case of an exchange process, return cost stay at the customer expenses, as stated in the following.


In the case the customer does not take benefit of a voucher or an exchange and claim for a reimbursement, this is possible. The customer stays free of his choice and is in any case submitted to a forced sale. In the case of a refund, the company commits to refund in the shorter delay possible not exceeding 1 month.


Shipping and customs costs are included in our sale prices.

Customs certificates and Sanrio Ltd,. (hello kitty) are included at the delivery of your order and will be used as certificate of authenticity for the retail in your shop.


hello-kitty-market.com commits it self to use confidential data’s from its customers on of exploitation purpose on its web site only., the company also commits itself to not give or rent its client listing.

At the demand of its customers wishing going out from our enterprise data, our company commits itself to delete all information and data about the customer.

The company will use all its technical possibilities to obtain non-personal information toward internet users on purpose to improve the function of the web site aiming to be more performing. On this sight, the company will have the opportunity to trace the visitor’s number on its web site.

On another hand, the company will collect personal data as names, first names, addresses and email addresses only in the case that these data are given freely by visitor that will become a member as soon as he will buy his first good.

Data’s collected by this way can be used only in commercial purpose that are aimed by the web site or that could be developed by the company. No information can be given to a third part. The customer keeps an access to his profile to change, rectify or suppress personal data and a right to oppose to their use with aiming of prospection following the article 34 of the “electronic and freedom” law made on January 6th 1978. To exert this law you can contact www.hello-kitty-market.com by connecting on its web site.

This web site has been declared and registered by the CNIL.




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